A hard, porous, highly carbonaceous product formed during the heating of wood without access (or with limited access) of airin furnaces and retorts (sometimes in campfires as well). Depending on the type of wood, 1 m3 yields 140-180 kg of coal,280-400 kg of liquid products, and nearly 80 kg of fuel gas. The heat of combustion of wood charcoal is 30,000-35,000 kJ/kg(7,000-8,100 kcal/kg). The density of birch coal is 380 kg/m3. Pines (300 kg/m3) and spruces (260 kg/m3) yield less densecoal.

Delivery Detail: within 10 days after confirming the payment

Packaging Details:

Inner: plastic bottle (1000ml/bottle Plastic Container)

Outer: carton

Project Details

  • Client: United Buildings
  • Location: Germany
  • Project Begin: March 2016
  • Project End: Juni 2016
  • Architect: Mr. Smith


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