Jaya Alam Sentosa produces the best quality BBQ briquettes, Hookah Briquette, which are made from carbonized coconut shells. We harvest our coconut shells in a sustainable manner, without posing any harm to palm trees, animal habitat or the environment. Together we care for nature.

We also can produce a custom charcoal fits to your needs. Please contact us with detail specification you need

Why Coconut Briquette

  • 100% all natural coconut-made BBQ briquettes
  • No chemicals for healthier cooking
  • Long burning time and consistent high-heat
  • Smokeless and odourless without nasty fumes or smells
  • Clean burning & minimum ash residue – easier clean ups
  • Reusable briquettes for next grill-outs

Delivery Detail: within 10 days after confirming the payment

Packaging Details:

Inner: plastic bottle (1000ml/bottle Plastic Container)

Outer: carton

Product Specification

  • Moisture: 6-7%
  • Duration: 2.5 Hours Minimum
  • Calory (J): 7400
  • Fix Carbon: >75%
  • Volatile Matter: 14% Max
  • Ash Content: 3%
  • Ignition Time: 6-7%
  • Temperature Peak: 550 Degrees Celcius


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